[erlang-questions] leader election ?

Thomas Elsgaard thomas.elsgaard@REDACTED
Fri Oct 19 06:38:55 CEST 2018

Hi list!

I am running 2 instances of an application ( seperate datacenters), both
receives indentical data on TCP sockets, but only one of the applications
should process it further downstream.

Any suggestions to what is the "simplest" way to have a kind of leader
election ? Both applications must be running, but must have knowledge about
their own role (active or passive) in order to decide if the data should be
processed downstream.

Should I use an external application like consul or etcd to implement
leader election, or is there an better way via OTP or libraries ?

It just seems a little "heavy" to use consul or etcd to elect an leader
between two application instances.

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