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Tue Nov 27 12:02:04 CET 2018

Hi Yao,
If you want to give emacs another try, there are several autocomplete modes,
for example auto-complete and company.
(I have tried auto-complete with erlang)

For symbol searches I am using etags (comes with emacs), you use it like 
  etags *.erl
which creates a tags file with all recognized definitions.
You have to tell emacs where to find this file with visit-tags-table, or you set
one of the variables tags-table-list (good if you work on several projects) or 
tags-file-name (just one project).
Then you can visit the definition of a symbol with M-. and jump back with M-,
I usually perform the creation of the tags file as target in a Makefile.
You might have a bit more work than in a mainstream IDE, 
but I like the fact that I have everything under control.
And I like elisp very much, besides erlang.
Kind regards,
Am Di., Nov. 27, 2018 01:20 schrieb by :

I am new to Erlang, and trying to find a modern text editor for it.

I build Erlang from source, and I can use the basic Erlang Mode happily.
But seems the basic erlang-mode with emacs does not contain some *key* features would be needed as a modern text editor, like auto-complete.
Actually, as a text editor, I think I just need the auto completion of library/custom modules and functions, other advanced features is not needed for now.

Which text editor do you use in daily life?
I really want to get me into emacs world but found not quite easy, a suggestion about emacs extensions would be very helpful.

By the way, I tried Visual Studio Code with the Erlang extension, it works amazing.

Best Regards,
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