[erlang-questions] Documentation -- what I ran into when I installed kerl

Jesper Louis Andersen jesper.louis.andersen@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 16:17:06 CET 2018

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 11:37 PM <lloyd@REDACTED> wrote:

> 2. When I executed $ kerl build 21.1 I again ran into failure-- needed
> ncurses library. Took 15 minutes to find the right package name, but the
> solution was:
> ~$ sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev

Some times, you can optimize this step:

sudo apt-get build-dep erlang

This will find the necessary build dependencies for the target package and
install them. Many package managers have a command which does something to
the same effect. This avoids the feedback loop of adding a missing build
dependency only to see the build fail with a new missing package. And it
also avoids having to figure out the name of the package in the first
place. Erlang is a bit finicky because if it cannot find certain packages,
it will still build, but without that support. The crypto package is
dependent on an (Open)SSL library; often a culprit which leaves your Erlang
installation in a limbo state in which no cryptographic code will run[0]

[0] Your bitcoins will be fiiiine though :)
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