[erlang-questions] cowboy migration smooth path

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Sun Nov 18 13:40:12 CET 2018


Upgrading just Ranch, no problem.

Upgrading just Cowlib, I'm not sure, some things might have changed 
enough to cause issues when Cowlib 2.0 was released.

I would recommend upgrading Cowboy and Cowlib at the same time, Cowboy 
releases tend to need a Cowlib update anyway.

Cowboy 2.6 will be released tomorrow, so I would wait for that as well.

In my experience updating a code base to use Cowboy 2 is fairly easy, 
you mostly need to remove some unnecessary stuff or to convert lists of 
key/values to maps. As always, test and measure.


On 11/18/18 1:19 PM, Max Lapshin wrote:
> Hi!
> We are using cowboy 1.0 and it seems that we should start migration to 
> cowboy 2.0
> I'm really afraid to make this jump, so want to discuss smooth migration 
> path.
> Maybe I should first migrate ranch or cowlib, leaving old cowboy?
> Looks that it may be a good idea to use following migrate path:
> 1) upgrade to latest cowboy 1.X,  cowlib, ranch
> 2) then switch to cowboy 2.X
> will it work?
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