[erlang-questions] rebar3 and Coverage log

Caragea Silviu silviu.cpp@REDACTED
Sat Nov 17 22:21:01 CET 2018


When running rebar ct with {cover_enabled, true}. Inside the "Coverage log"
page I can see the coverage results with a nice look.

After migrating to rebar3 I see that beside cover_enabled I need to add as
well {cover_export_enabled, true}, but the results are in a separate folder
cover\index.html and this one looks very crappy.

"Coverage log" form the page where tests are listed shows "Cover tool is
not used " ..

My rebar.config has:

{cover_enabled, true}.
{cover_export_enabled, true}.

{relx, [
    {release, {myapp, "1.0" }, [myapp]},
    {sys_config, "sys.config"},
    {vm_args,    "vm.args"},
    {dev_mode, true},
    {include_erts, false},
    {extended_start_script, true}

{profiles, [
    {release, [
        {relx, [
            {sys_config, "sys.config"},
            {vm_args,    "vm.args"},
            {dev_mode, false},
            {include_erts, true}
    {test, [
        {erl_opts, [debug_info, {d, 'common_test'}]},
        {ct_opts, [
            {spec, "test/cover.spec"},
            {sys_config, ["sys.config"]}

And inside test\cover.spec I have:

{level, details}.
{incl_dirs, [

{excl_mods, [

I'm missing something or "Coverage log" is not longer working with rebar3 ?

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