[erlang-questions] ssh session_channel failure on recent versions of erlang

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas@REDACTED
Fri Nov 16 11:05:52 CET 2018


I'm having some troubles to start a session_channel to a ssh server after a
migration from erlang 17.3 to 19.2 (debian stretch)

the connect is working :
> {ok, CM} = ssh:connect("gw",22, [{user, "xxxx"},{password, "yyyy"}]),


but the session_channel fails:

7>  {ok, Channel} =  ssh_connection:session_channel(CM, 10000).
** exception error: no match of right hand side value
{open_error,4,"Channel open failed",<<"en">>}

i tried on erlang 21.1, same problem. everything works with 17.3

the ssh server is an old ExtremeNetwork router (
identified by "SSH-2.0-4.1.2 SSH Secure Shell Toolkit" )

any idea ?

Nicolas Niclausse

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