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Mattsson, Tommy tommy.mattsson@REDACTED
Fri Nov 2 10:05:22 CET 2018


First time writer here on the erlang questions list :)

I am wondering if anyone knows about how the erlang ssh handles I/O? More details can be found below.

Erlang version: 21.0

Start of SSH server on testing (Windows) machine:

Options = [{system_dir, filename:join(SSHPath, "daemon")}, {user_dir, ?DIR}, {subsystems, [ssh_sftpd:subsystem_spec([{cwd, SSHPath}])]}],

ssh:daemon(?ipaddr, ?port, Options]).

Test module:
sshIO() ->

Test run from my own machine:
> ssh $IPADDR 'sshtest:sshIO().'

For some reason any io:format/io:fwrite does not travel back over the SSH connection. If I connect to some Linux machine that already has a (non-erlang) SSH server running and I try to run some random bash script then any echo I have in the script will travel back over the SSH connection.

A test I did with a bash script towards a Linux server,
Bash script (~/test.sh):

echo "test1"

echo "test2"

echo "test3"

Test run from my own machine:
> ssh $IPADDR ./test.sh




This is how I'd like it to work.

I have been googling and reading the documentation for the ssh and related modules to no avail in regards to finding a solution to this problem.

Other than this I/O problem the ssh connection works perfectly for me ��

Hopefully someone here on the list has some insight into how this works.

Thankful for any help I can get :)
Best regards,


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