[erlang-questions] bcrypt issue -- missing library? -- solved

Wed Mar 28 23:01:18 CEST 2018

First, apologies for my rant. I think there is a deep issue here, but much beyond my competencies to understand or solve.
Jesse Gumm has kindly helped me move forward.
1. Delete bcrypt from the Nitrogen stack
2. Recompile my application so rebar can pull in a current version of bcrypt.
This, in retrospect, is a simple technique borne, I suspect, out of experiential wisdom.
I wish I had understood this general technique early in my Erlang learning curve. I don't have a blog, but it would be great to have a list or tree of troubleshooting debugging techniques like this available to Erlang noobies.
Again, apologies.
All the best,
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Hi Roger,
I've never intentionally compiled the NIF. The only thing I've compiled is my application developed in Erlang Nitrogen.
Some months ago I did provision a new workstation with Erlang R19. Perhaps that's when the discrepancy crept in.
It seems that the problem is above my pay grade--- either in Nitrogen or Erlang.
It's very frustrating trying to build something to serve a worthy cause but to have tools change under my feet  without warning. I had a similar problem with the string library.
I'm a tool user, not a tool builder.
I have utmost respect for Erlang tool builders. They make possible what I'm trying to do. I know much less than they do; have much less experience. So I depend upon them. But problems like this cost me precious time and confidence.
Is this an issue of my own ignorance? Or an Erlang issue? Or an issue for software in general?
If my ignorance--- I'm sorry. I do try to fill in the gaps.
As it stands, I still don't know what to do to move forward.
All the best,
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On 28 March 2018 at 19:38, <lloyd@REDACTED> wrote:
> (wgd@REDACTED)4> application:start(bcrypt).
> =WARNING REPORT==== 28-Mar-2018::14:12:39 ===
> The on_load function for module bcrypt_nif returned {error,
> {bad_lib,
> "Library version (2.11) not compatible (with 2.8)."}}

You've compiled the NIF against a later version of Erlang/OTP than the
one you're attempting to use it with. The version list in erl_nif.h
says that 2.11 is OTP-19, and 2.8 is OTP-18.0.
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