[erlang-questions] EPMDLess - new application which helps to connect erlang nodes under docker

Oleg Tarasenko oltarasenko@REDACTED
Wed Mar 28 16:50:21 CEST 2018


I would like to introduce Epmdless
<https://github.com/oltarasenko/epmdless/> - application for connecting
Erlang/Elixir nodes without EPMD.

In short:
 1) Allows to avoid starting epmd in places where it's not needed (for
example docker containers)
 2) Supports TCP/TLS transport layers
 3) Restricts erlang distribution to one port only (specified with config
or env variable).

It contains some examples in the README file + links to related projects:
 - Sandbox <https://github.com/oltarasenko/erlang_distribution_in_docker>
application to test it with Erlang.
-  Sandbox <https://github.com/oltarasenko/elixir-distribution-in-docker>
to test it with Elixir.

Also, I've made a blog post explaining how to use it with some video

I really hope you will find it useful!

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