[erlang-questions] sqlapi: library to connect to your erlang server via SQL

Max Lapshin max.lapshin@REDACTED
Mon Mar 12 15:34:53 CET 2018


We have released our sqlapi library:  https://github.com/flussonic/sqlapi

This library can help you to make an SQL server from your existing server.

For example you have a server and let it be ejabberd. You want to give a
list of connected users.
Of course you will start from making HTTP endpoint that will reply with
JSON with list of users.

Then you will add some sort, filter, paging as query params and then will
write library that allows to make all this params and send them.

Another option is to put our sqlapi library, connect it to storage of
connected users and then connect to server as if it is a SQL server.

Here another real example:  https://flussonic.com/doc/api/sql-cluster
 User can connect to our flussonic server and access whole cluster by
sending commands like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or READ.

This approach may be convenient if you have table data and mainly CRUD

Similar approach is used in Sphinx search engine:

We have created all this to connect from python sqlalchemy and Ruby on
Rails to Flussonic.
If you want the same, this library may help.

the only dependency is ranch and it is optional, not required for tests.
Some code is derived from https://github.com/altenwald/myproto but we had
to remove neotoma sql parser, because we need speed!  Thanks for
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