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Damien Towning connolly.damien@REDACTED
Sun Jun 24 12:36:40 CEST 2018

Hi everyone,

I have some c code using c_node that I have successfully got working with
Erlang ( through Elixir ) and I am wondering if on the C side a more
elegant way exists to pass data back to the Erlang/Elixir than what I am
currently doing.  My C code looks a bit like this.

 else if (erl_match(msg_pattern_b, emsg->msg)) {
    ETERM *term = erl_var_content(msg_pattern_b, "Term");
    response = erl_format("{ok, ~w}",erl_mk_string(floats_as_string()));

 I've parsed a series of floats in to a char * and then passed that back to

I hope I have framed this question in a way that makes sense. I'd like to
take a list of floating point values directly and pass it directly back to
my calling Elixir code as a list without having to parse it in and out of a

Is this possible. I have spent quite a bit of time now digging through the
erl_ documentation and trying to find an example but I just can't quite see

Thanks !
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