[erlang-questions] [ANN] deigma: Continuous event sampler

Guilherme Andrade g@REDACTED
Sun Jun 17 18:57:20 CEST 2018

Hello list,

I would like to announce the release of deigma 1.0.0, an event sampler.

It performs sampling of reported events within continuous one second

The sampling percentage is steadily adjusted so that the events that seep
through are representative of what's happening in the system while not
exceeding specified rate limits.

The sampling percentage is also exposed in the context of each reported
event, so that whichever other component that later receives the samples
can perform reasonable guesses about the original population with limited

* Overview: https://github.com/g-andrade/deigma/blob/master/README.md
* Hex.pm package: https://hex.pm/packages/deigma
* Documentation: https://hexdocs.pm/deigma/
* Source code: https://github.com/g-andrade/deigma

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