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JC jordanchaitin@REDACTED
Thu Jun 14 05:28:31 CEST 2018

I use Erlang with Postgres regularly. In addition to the driver, one 
generally also needs a pooling tool on both the Postgres side, as well 
as the Erlang side.

Pgapp is a commonly used front end with pool support, (although, IMO, a 
bit heavy) https://github.com/epgsql/pgapp

Epgsql had many forks in the past, but this one seems to be the most 
well maintained and commonly used library now 

Episcina https://github.com/erlware/episcina is another front end with 
pooling support, although it doesn't seem to work anymore, and the 
project seems unmaintained at this point.

Semiocast's pgsql https://github.com/semiocast/pgsql is a good tool too.

PGO https://github.com/SpaceTime-IoT/pgo is a new but neat little tool 
combining pooling and a driver in one, and works quite well for standard 
usage (there might be some unhandled edge cases). I believe pgo's author 
intends to replace the backend with the more popular Epgsql to avoid 
duplication of work on the protocol side.

I have used Epgsql + pgapp, as well as Pgsql + Episcina in the past. At 
the present time I need to do mostly only parametrized queries and I use 

For simple needs, I would recommend PGO. For more complex use cases, go 
for Epgsql + Pgapp.


On 6/13/18 18:33, shiva wrote:
> Hello Erlang team,
> I got a requirement to use Postgresql Database as part of our Erlang 
> web application. To communicate from Erlang to Database I need a 
> connector. Erlang provides odbc driver to connect but still few client 
> libraries(epgsql,pgsql,etc.,) are available to communicate with 
> Postgresql. What is the difference between odbc driver and other 
> client libraries. Can anyone suggest which is the best one to use.?
> Thanks in advance.
> Thanks and regards,
> Gattu Shivakrishna.
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