[erlang-questions] Strange inet_gethost_native:gethostbyname behavior

David Welton davidnwelton@REDACTED
Thu Jan 25 18:59:16 CET 2018



>> inet_gethost_native:gethostbyname("google.com", inet). kept failing
>> with {error, try_again}.

>> Any ideas what 1) may cause this and 2) how to get around it?  The
>> system is stuck not being able to do DNS lookups, which is
>> problematic, to say the least.

> It happens that libc in a native resolver process caches DNS replies for
> too long, maybe after some network reconfiguration, and this call
> restarts all native resolver processes the node uses.

Seems odd, though, that things are unable to recover.  I wonder what
might cause that.

David N. Welton



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