[erlang-questions] SSL hostname verification

San Gillis san.gillis@REDACTED
Tue Jan 23 18:04:53 CET 2018

> So you need to have a module implementing the function that you want to
> use as a fun.

I tried this, and I start my remote shell using
`erl -remsh nodename@REDACTED -pa ./ebin -setcookie cookie -name node@REDACTED
-ssl_dist_optfile ./sslopts.conf -proto_dist inet_tls`
where ./ebin contains the module beam.

In this case the shell process just terminates without giving me any error

This is a limitation for  distribution over TLS as unamed funs can not be
> handled in files.

When I put some `io:format` statements in my unnamed function they did get
printed to console, so it seems this does work?

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