[erlang-questions] 2018: A Year for wxErlang

Robert Carbone erlang@REDACTED
Sat Jan 6 23:38:48 CET 2018

Hi Fellow Erlang-Mailing-Listers:

Foremost, to this entire community; thank you for being there, lending 
advice, and producing an amazing archive of helpful Erlang content.
As a relative beginner, this treasure trove of information has been very 
helpful on numerous occasions.
If you are interested in GUI programming, the following is sure to start 
your New Year out on a great note.

For quite some time, I have been silently hacking away at wxErlang.
A few days ago, I have launched an effort to teach wxErlang.

My short-term goal is to alleviate the largest-barrier-to-entry for 
That is, the documentation is completely-scattered or non-existent.

I have started this endeavor by publishing:
- A diagram of the class-inheritance structure
- Three edited libraries (first of many)


One of the first steps to using wxErlang is to observe the library in 
its entirety.
So here it is — Here is a picture of the wxErlang class structure:

Page 1: https://www.scriptculture.com/assets/sc_inherit_class_pg1.jpg
Page 2: https://www.scriptculture.com/assets/sc_inherit_class_pg2.jpg

As a chart of inheritance, this 2-page diagram allows you to visualize 
what function calls are inherited from upstream modules. That is, every 
module below (subclass) can call the functions of the module above, its 
'super class' module.
As reading one module is not enough to gain a complete picture, having 
beautiful, legible, readily-readable, source code documents becomes 


When you can sit down and seamlessly absorb what functions are at your 
disposal, it is simply fantastic. Your mind is freed up to think about 
the code you are about to write or UI, not straining to interpret the 
code in front of you.

I am editing all the libraries by hand and releasing them.
I have started with:
· wxEvent.erl
· wxEvtHandler.erl
· wxWindow.erl

Having legible wx modules, with the options clearly labeled, makes 
wxErlang development not just possible, but efficient and fun.
I'll continue to release a new library everyday or so until they are all 
They can be found at:


My resolution for this year is to bring beautification to the wxErlang 
Code Base.


Robert C.

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