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I saw a post from a few months ago here: http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2017-August/093136.html about adding support for TLS 1.3 to the new OTP, and I am curious about the status of this and how I could get involved. I have made a deal of modifications to the underlying OTP ssl module to suit my businesses needs, and I believe I could help in the development.

In the post I linked, the responder mentioned that there are many unknowns with the new TLS implementation, which is definitely true, but there are those who have implemented it successfully - both WolfSSL and OpenSSL support this (C implementation).

TLS 1.3 has huge advantages for embedded/iot devices - it reduces the number of RTTs which is huge for customers with data and processing constraints. For companies managing millions of devices, this would add huge cost savings, not to mention the increased levels of security. This will be a great advantage for Erlang to have.

Is there any work being done currently on development, and is it possible for a Non-Erricson employee to contribute?

Thanks for your help

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