[erlang-questions] how to run rebar3 release with "-config /path/my_sys.config"

Dave Cottlehuber dch@REDACTED
Fri Oct 27 00:01:50 CEST 2017

> > > I just recently migrated an erlang project to use rebar3 from rebar. With the generated rebar release I was able to start the application with “/some_path/bin/my_app start -config “/some_other_path/my_app.config” which allowed for dynamic configuration. With rebar3 I don’t seem to have the same behavior, it always uses /some_path/releases/<version>/sys.config included during the release build.
> > >
> > > Is there a way to something equivalent in rebar3.?

try putting it in ERL_AFLAGS instead?

env ERL_AFLAGS="-config /usr/local/etc/myapp/sys.config" ./bin/myapps

let me know if that works. A similar variant is in use here.


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