[erlang-questions] sharing config via a dynamically compiled module?

Benoit Chesneau bchesneau@REDACTED
Wed Oct 25 14:29:11 CEST 2017

I'm temped to compile dynamically a module for some highly demanded resources
to share their config instead of using ETS for it. But I'm wondering if's not
to hackish. (I'm also tempted by just using something more pure like sharing it
via message passing).

Are other people do such thing? I can see the following pro/cons:


    * fast and constant access, it is just a call to a module function and some literals.


    * maybe too much hackish? 
    * What happen if the resource is deleted when someone is using it? Will the
      module be really deleted or will it leaks?

What do you think about it? Any feedback is welcome :)

- benoît

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