[erlang-questions] ANN: fez - an fsharp to core erlang compiler

Karl Nilsson kjnilsson@REDACTED
Sun Oct 22 09:39:21 CEST 2017


For a few months I've been hacking on fez - a compiler that takes fsharp
code and turns it into core erlang and yesterday I released the first alpha
release and thought perhaps it would be of some interest to this list.

The idea was to take a mature statically typed functional (first) language
with decent tooling and use it to generate code to run on the beam.

The README on the github page outlines the current status and how to get
started. FSharp is a multi-paradigmatic language so there are limits to
what degree certain features (e.g. imperative programming) can be covered.
The 0.1.0 release is mostly focussed on covering the functional paradigm
and the standard fsharp libraries. There is also a simple FFI and some
support for object programming.



Feedback and questions are very welcome. There will be holes and obscure
errors and I would like to hear about them all.

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