[erlang-questions] Multiple Diameter Connection issue

Dinusha Ganganath Perera dinushaganganath@REDACTED
Mon Oct 16 17:39:34 CEST 2017

Hi All,

I tried to establish two diameter connection to same diameter peer and port
(used two different source port).
One connection was established successfully and other connection was
The failed connection sent below tcp packets to diameter peer, but did not
sent CER to diameter node.

1. sent [SYN] to diameter node
2. received [SYN, ACK] from diameter node
3. sent [ACK] to diameter node
4. sent [FIN, ACK] to diameter node
5. received [FIN, ACK] from diameter node

If I down established connection, then failed one is successfully

I used below application services,

[{alias, smsc_diameter_cli_dia_1},
{dictionary, rfc4006_cc_Gy},
{module, smsc_diameter_clii_cb},
{answer_errors, callback},
{sequence, {0,19}},
{share_peers, true},
{use_shared_peers, true},
{restrict_connections, false}]}

I used diameter-1.3 erlang library.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks & BRs,
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