[erlang-questions] Erlang/OTP 20.1 has been released,

Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Sun Oct 8 12:34:51 CEST 2017

Please note that the source tarball
http://erlang.org/download/otp_src_20.1.tar.gz and the associated manual
http://erlang.org/download/otp_doc_man_20.1.tar.gz are not stored in the
compressed format despite having the ".gz" extension.

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 5:01 AM, Henrik Nord X <henrik.x.nord@REDACTED>

> Erlang/OTP 20.1 is the first service release for the 20 major release.
> The service release contains mostly bug fixes and characteristics
> improvements but also some new features.
> Some highlights for 20.1
>     crypto, public_key: Extend crypto and public_key functions sign and
> verify with:
>         support for RSASSA-PS padding for signatures and for
>         saltlength setting
>         X9.31 RSA padding.
>         sha, sha224, sha256, sha384, and sha512 for dss
>         signatures as mentioned in NIST SP 800-57 Part 1.
>         ripemd160 to be used for rsa signatures.
>     A new tuple in crypto:supports/0 reports supported MAC
>     algorithms.
>     diameter:
>         Add service option decode_format to allow incoming messages to
> be decoded into maps
>         instead of records.
>         Decode performance has been improved.
>         Add service/transport option avp_dictionaries to give better
> support for dictionaries only defining AVPs.
>     erts: Upgraded the ERTS internal PCRE library from version 8.40 to
> version 8.41.
>     erts, kernel, tools: Profiling with lock counting can now be fully
> toggled at runtime in
>     the lock counting emulator (-emu_type lcnt). Everything
>     is enabled by default to match the old behavior, but
>     specific categories can be toggled at will with minimal
>     runtime overhead when disabled. Refer to the
>     documentation on lcnt:rt_mask/1 for details.
>     lcnt:collect and lcnt:clear will no longer block all
>     other threads in the runtime system. This makes it possible to run
> the lock counting
>     under heavier load.
>     erts: The zlib module has been refactored and all its operations
> will now yield appropriately,
>     allowing them to be used freely in concurrent applications.
>     erts, tools: Add erlang:iolist_to_iovec/1, which converts an
>     iolist() to an erlang:iovec(), which is suitable for use
>     with enif_inspect_iovec().
>     erts: Add new nif API functions for managing an I/O Queue.
>     The added functions are: enif_ioq_create(), enif_ioq_destroy(),
> enif_ioq_enq_binary(),
>     enif_ioq_enqv(), enif_ioq_deq(), enif_ioq_peek(),
> enif_inspect_iovec(), enif_free_iovec()
>     observer/crashdump_viewer:
>         Reading of crash dumps with many binaries is optimized.
>         A progress bar is shown when the detail view for a process is
> opened.
>         The cdv script now sets ERL_CRASH_DUMP_SECONDS=0 to
>         avoid generating a new crash dump from the node running the
> Crashdump Viewer.
>     observer:
>     Add system statistics and limits to frontpage in
>     observer.
>     public_key, ssl**:
>     Improved error propagation and reports
>     ssh: A new option modify_algorithms is implemented. It
>     enables specifying changes on the default algorithms
>     list. See the reference manual and the SSH User's Guide
>     chapter "Configuring algorithms in SSH".
>     tools/xref: The predefined Xref analysis locals_not_used now
> understands
>     the -on_load() attribute and does not report unused functions.
>     tools/fprof: When sampling multiple processes and analyzing
>     with totals set to true, the output now sums together
>     all caller and callee entries which concerns the same
>     function. Previous behaviour was to report each
>     contributing entry separately.
> You can find the README and the full listing of changes for this
> service release at
> http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_20.1.readme
> The source distribution and binary distributions for Windows can be
> downloaded from
> http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_20.1.tar.gz
> http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_win32_20.1.exe
> http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_win64_20.1.exe
> Note: To unpack the TAR archive you need a GNU TAR compatible program.
> For installation instructions please consult the README file that is
> part
> of the distribution.
> The Erlang/OTP source can also be found at GitHub on the official
> Erlang
> repository, https://github.com/erlang/otp with tag OTP-20.1
> The on-line documentation can be found at: http://www.erlang.org/doc/
> You can also download the complete HTML documentation or the Unix
> manual files
> http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_doc_html_20.1.tar.gz
> http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_doc_man_20.1.tar.gz
> Please report any new issues via Erlang/OTPs public issue tracker
> https://bugs.erlang.org
> We want to thank all of those who sent us patches, suggestions and bug
> reports!
> Thank you!
> The Erlang/OTP Team at Ericsson
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