[erlang-questions] System getting hang after running normal recursion program

Arun arunp@REDACTED
Sat Oct 7 09:03:29 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I tried to run normal recursion program from erlang shell, the program 
runs infinitely and it is doing addition of numbers. But its been 
observed that soon after starting the program entire PC is getting hang.

My doubt is that, why my PC is getting hang. ? , if something is going 
wrong, the erlang vm should be able to handle it, like in C if we run 
some recursion program infinity, it will crash by throwing segmentation 
fault error.

What will be happening in the VM if I run a normal recursion program in 
erlang infinitely ?

What will be the behavior of erlang scheduler in this scenario ?

Can somebody please assist me on this issue.

Thanks in advance
Arun P.

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