[erlang-questions] No Makefile Found

qp quantumpotato@REDACTED
Tue Oct 3 07:05:53 CEST 2017

When I copy a folder of my erlang project on my local machine, I am able to
cd into the copied directory and gmake run successfully.
When I upload that folder to github and download it, I get "no makefile

~/tdep/gmake run
Error: No Makefile to build dependency /Users/quantum/tdep/deps/cowboy.
gmake: *** [erlang.mk:4182: deps] Error 2

from https://github.com/QuantumProductions/tunnel-deploy

There is a Makefile present:

~/cd tdep
Makefile    deps        erlang.mk    rel        src        tunnel.d
_rel        ebin        oldh        relx.config    static
~/tdep/cat Makefile
PROJECT = tunnel

DEPS = cowboy jiffy
dep_cowboy_commit = master

dep_jiffy = git https://github.com/davisp/jiffy

include erlang.mk

What is going on here? Could there be some setting on my machine that's
affecting how gmake works?

I expected to be able to clone this repo to my server and run it there.
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