[erlang-questions] Small performance hint: avoid abusing module_info(attributes)

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Sun Oct 1 14:09:35 CEST 2017

At the very least, one should exercise caution on some particular modules,
and perhaps generally modules that have lots of type specs.

Interestingly, when fetching attributes from beam_lib, dialyzer-generated
attributes are moved to a subgroup, so at least in OTP 20.0 code, attribute
lists are no longer than 4.

Fetching via M:module_info/1, however, the list is flat, and can be quite
long, mostly depending on the number of types. Looking again at OTP, but
loading each module and fetching the attributes via M:module_info/1 (the
example below lists all modules with at least 20 attributes):

19> lists:foldr(fun(D,Acc) -> filelib:fold_files(D, ".*", false, fun(F,A)
-> M = list_to_atom(filename:basename(F,".beam")), try
M:module_info(attributes) of As -> case length(As) of L when L >= 20 ->
[{M,L}|A]; _ -> A end catch error:_ -> A end end, []) ++ Acc end, [],

Ulf W

2017-09-28 8:56 GMT+02:00 Max Lapshin <max.lapshin@REDACTED>:

> Hi.
> We have moved from plain text lager logging to our own event system that
> has main difference: we have limited amount of possible events that are
> compiled in code.
> In known_events.erl I have:
> -event({stream_started, info, ["stream started"]}).
> and then I write in code:
> events:stream_started([{media,Name}]).
> Later all this is printed (using lager formatting, it is cool).
> So we are close to the problem.  My code that was handling such:
>  events:stream_started was searching for predefined event via:
>  known_events:module_info(attributes).
> Suddenly eprof told that I need to look carefully at this place and I
> wrote parse_transform that takes all attributes from module AST and
> compiles them into code. Also I've generated function
>  known_events:find(Name) with all possible clauses.
> On single core of my macbook I got 4000 times speedup.  100 000 of fetches
> known_events:all()  took about 8 seconds with module_info(attributes) and
> about 2 milliseconds with generated and compiled code.
> So lesson from here is: try to avoid calling module_info(attributes) in
> innner loops. It may be suprisingly expensive.
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