[erlang-questions] Strings - deprecated functions

Mon Nov 27 08:06:49 CET 2017

An alphabetic list has two uses:
 1. find a function with (approximately) known semantics
    but unknown name
 2. find the documentation for a known name.

Splitting the documentation into two lists hurts 2 without
actually helping 1.

A more informative approach would be to have a line
added: 12.3 deprecated: 20.3 to be removed: 24.0
perhaps with dates, and it should be possible to generate at
least the 'added:' and 'deprecated:' parts automatically.

"added" = JavaDoc "since".  Compare also the macOS X
__OSX_AVAILABLE_STARTING(<macos vsn>, <ios vsn>)
__OSX_AVAILABLE_BUT_DEPRECATED(<macos in vsn>, <macos out vsn>,
    <ios in vsn>, <ios out vsn>)

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