[erlang-questions] erlang:trace_pattern/3 is not expected to work on ports?

Vladimir Gordeev gordeev.vladimir.v@REDACTED
Wed Nov 15 15:33:49 CET 2017

Currently trying to match received messages for ports, do the following:

  erlang:trace_pattern('receive', [MyComplexMatchSpec], []),
  erlang:trace(ports, true, [ports, timestamp, 'receive', {tracer,

Got all messages received by port, filtering doesn't work. Okay, tried this

  erlang:trace_pattern('receive', false, []),
  erlang:trace(ports, true, [ports, timestamp, 'receive', {tracer,

And still got all messages, while shouldn't receive any.

So, erlang:trace_pattern/3 is not supposed to work for ports? In official
docs only processes are mentioned, but no explicit statement about ports.
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