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The parallel implementation of Factorial algorithm has been studies for a while.

http://swvist.github.io/09-13-2012-naive_parallel_factorial_in_erlang.html <http://swvist.github.io/09-13-2012-naive_parallel_factorial_in_erlang.html>
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34978236/parallelizing-factorial-calculation <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34978236/parallelizing-factorial-calculation>

This algorithm would not give you a representative benchmark vs Python. I am afraid that any math problem would be weaker in Erlang unless you implement it as NIF. You need to design benchmark strategy according to your use-cases.  

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> On 9 Nov 2017, at 20.17, Iván Carmenates <ivancarmenates@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to do a simple benchmark against python, and we decide to use factorial function to the test
> fact(0)->1;
> fact(N)->N*fact(N-1).
> But I wonder if there is a way to implement this using a multicore approach.
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> Ivan.
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