[erlang-questions] No function form in result of epp:parse_file for declared function

Russell Brown russell@REDACTED
Fri Mar 10 18:31:29 CET 2017

I’m new to epp and associated modules, and messing with AST and all that, so please go gently with me.

I’ve just run epp:parse_file on this file https://github.com/basho/riak_kv/blob/develop/src/riak_kv_vnode.erl and the resulting forms don’t contain a {function…} tuple for the function `handle_command/3`

This seems odd, since it is declared here https://github.com/basho/riak_kv/blob/develop/src/riak_kv_vnode.erl#L560

There are {call…} tuples in the Forms that show local calls to the function, and the attributes Form shows it as an export, but there is no {function tuple in the Forms.

I’m baffled. Can you help?

Many thanks


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