[erlang-questions] [ANN] chronos 0.5.1 released

Torben Hoffmann thoffmann@REDACTED
Fri Mar 10 11:22:22 CET 2017


I have updated my chronos timer library to 0.5.1 after receiving some
nice PRs from Raghav Karol.


chronos now works with rebar3 and no longer depends on gproc thanks to

In addition to that I have changed the tests to use EQC mocking and
removed tests, which were more focused on testing if Erlang timers
behave correctly than test chronos.

chronos is registered on http://www.quickcheck-ci.com/ to validate that
it passes its tests.

Real life usage have shown that chronos has an adequate feature set and
once 0.5.1 has been in the wild for a while, I will release 1.0.

The README now contains a bit more information on what chronos does and
does not do. Plus a description of how to use EQC mocking with chronos.

Please raise issues if you find the code or the documentation to be

Torben Hoffmann
Chief Architect, basho.com
M: +45 25 14 05 38

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