[erlang-questions] Cleaning up the dialyzer interface

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Thu Mar 9 00:32:22 CET 2017

I completely agree with you but was using the term "interface" in a more
general way than you do to include the command line as well. The things I
mentioned are irrespective of whether you start the dialyzer through
function calls or command-line.


On 8 March 2017 at 06:17, Michael Truog <mjtruog@REDACTED> wrote:

> On 03/06/2017 04:17 PM, Robert Virding wrote:
>> Is anyone working on cleaning up the dialyzer interface? It does some
>> strange things like for no discernable reason requiring all files to be
>> either .erl files or .beam files and not allowing a combination. Also it it
>> is not in any way extensible.
> It might be better to consider removing the dialyzer interface and just
> focus on making the command-line use of dialyzer as efficient as possible,
> so it may always be part of per-commit regression testing.  The dialyzer UI
> interface is attempting to promote manual use of dialyzer, which isn't a
> common use-case.  Also, often UI creates development burden that leads to
> source code becoming more inefficient (like comparing Thunderbird and mutt
> for email).  While it is easy to expect a perfect outcome with a UI
> implementation, I don't believe it is realistic or helpful for normal
> (required/critical) use of dialyzer.
> Best Regards,
> Michael
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