[erlang-questions] Desperately looking for official Erlang tests results

REIX, Tony tony.reix@REDACTED
Thu Mar 2 12:23:34 CET 2017


In order to understand which Erlang tests and features do not work fine within our port of version 19.2 on AIX, we need some "official" Erlang tests results for current version (19.2.3).
However, searching on Erlang web-site, I was unable to find such tests results.

So, I have built and tested Erlang on 3 environments: AIX 6.1, Fedora25/PPC64, and Fedora25/x86_64.
I hope I've correctly ran the tests, but I'm not sure.

In short, using nearly the same procedure (use Fedora .spec file), but without HiPE-SMP-Threads for AIX, I've got:

                 OK  FAIL   SKIP   TOTAL
AIX 6.1      10,838   204  2,991  14,033   (no HiPE-SMP-Threads !)
FC25/PPC64   12,376   193  3,608  16,177
FC25/x86_64  12,407   288  3,475  16,170

I am really surprised by:
  - the BIG amount of SKIPped tests on FedoraCore 25 on x86_64 : 23% of all tests !!
  - how few failures I have on AIX, comparable to the amount of failures on FC25/x86_64.
        (However:   - when trying with SMP and/or HiPE, I had hangs, so I'm first building/testing without them
                            - we applied several AIX-specific patches)
 - having LESS failures on Fedora25/PPC64 than on Fedora25/x86_64 . (However: there are some more SKIPped tests: 133)

Since result files contains about 600,000 lines, it is very difficult for me to understand where/what are the issues.
I think we have understood that, in many cases, some environment is missing/failing and thus the test is skipped.

I'd like to get some help about:
  - checking that I'm doing the Erlang configuration, build, and tests correctly,
  - finding some "official" Erlang tests results on Fedora / x86_64
  - how to analyze these results and find the real issues.

I have attached to this email the index.html file produced on Fedora25/x86_64 :



Tony Reix

Bull - ATOS
IBM Coop Architect & Technical Leader
Office : +33 (0) 4 76 29 72 67
1 rue de Provence - 38432 Échirolles - France

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