[erlang-questions] setting up a VPS for dedicated erlang server

Hugo Mills hugo@REDACTED
Wed Mar 1 11:35:39 CET 2017

On Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 10:24:39AM +0000, Igor Clark wrote:
> Bit late to this party but I really like https://www.scaleway.com/ -
> they're European (Paris/Amsterdam), and they provide cheap,
> decent-spec VPSs, as well as their "Bare metal" range which is
> own-design, custom-build, multi-tenant hardware. I use one with
> 4-core/8GB/50GBSSD for €11.99/month. And you get unmetered bandwidth
> at a decent fixed rate (300mbps on my package), so you don't get
> out-of-control bandwidth charge horror stories. And no, I don't work
> there, I just think they're really good :-)

   I'll second Scaleway. It's Just Worked for me.

   The other recommendation I've got is a small company called Bitfolk
(http://bitfolk.com). More expensive than many of the larger
operators, but the quality of the support is superb. (Disclaimer: I've
known the owner of the company for many years; I own two Bitfolk VMs
and manage a third).


> On 28/02/2017 23:52, Nathaniel Waisbrot wrote:
> >>In my experience cheap VPS services tend to be flaky. Amazon offers EC2 instance for free for one year. I doubt you can get a more reliable setup for the price.
> >
> >
> >The free tier is nice if you're interested in getting into Amazon (it's a frequently requested resume item). But I used the "free" tier, thought I was being careful, and got slapped with $60 in charges from network traffic before I could shut things down. There is no way to tell Amazon "I would rather go offline than pay $x", so a misconfigured cron job or traffic spike (DDoS?) that happens while you're asleep is basically guaranteed to cost you.
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