[erlang-questions] setting up a VPS for dedicated erlang server

Leo hachreak@REDACTED
Tue Feb 28 17:59:57 CET 2017

2017-02-28 17:14 GMT+01:00 Joe Armstrong <erlang@REDACTED>:

> Hello,
> I was considering setting up a dedicated Erlang VPS for a small web
> site with a few simple Erlang applications.
> I was looking at the various hosting packages - and have to choose
> the amount of memory I need - any ideas how much resident memory I
> need to run a smallish server.

I have some servers that are running a docker-compose that contains 3
erlang applications (complete release in 3 different containers) + mongo.
(I know... probably it's overkill XD)
But with all this applications, 1gb of ram looks good enough for "normal"


> I guess all I need is an OS + Erlang - what is a suitable choice of
> OS? - Do i really need GBytes of memory - it sounds a lot to me.

> Any advice on VPS providers?
> Cheers
> /Joe
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