[erlang-questions] setting up a VPS for dedicated erlang server

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Tue Feb 28 18:22:31 CET 2017

You can get cheap dedicated servers (physical, not virtual!) at 
kimsufi.com (OVH' cheapest lineup). The cheapest ones tend to be in 
short supply but if you're patient enough to refresh the page early in 
the day you can usually get one of the 5€/month ones.

No opinion on their VPS/cloud offerings, I don't see the point in that 
if physical hardware is that cheap.

I personally have two of those, one of the cheapest, and one that is 
currently not available anymore with 8GB of memory and a 2TB disk. I run 
Arch Linux on them, same as my laptop.

On 02/28/2017 05:14 PM, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> Hello,
> I was considering setting up a dedicated Erlang VPS for a small web
> site with a few simple Erlang applications.
> I was looking at the various hosting packages - and have to choose
> the amount of memory I need - any ideas how much resident memory I
> need to run a smallish server.
> I guess all I need is an OS + Erlang - what is a suitable choice of
> OS? - Do i really need GBytes of memory - it sounds a lot to me.
> Any advice on VPS providers?
> Cheers
> /Joe
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Loïc Hoguin

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