[erlang-questions] Common Test last test report

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Sat Feb 25 00:20:58 CET 2017


It's still difficult to get to the last test report in Common Test. 
Currently the URI looks like this:


Which is great, I can always go back and compare, and sometimes that's 
what I want (when I test across Erlang releases, for example). But when 
I'm fixing a bug, I tend to run a small set of tests, maybe a single 
suite, or sometimes even just a single group or a single test case. When 
I do that, things becomes more difficult than they should be because I 
can't simply refresh the page to get the new report, I have to go back, 
refresh on the all_runs.html page, and follow the links from there.

Would it be possible for Common Test to maintain a separate directory 
always containing the latest report? For example:


With a URI like this I can repeat the test run, refresh in my browser 
and get the new report instantly. (And keep the history separate should 
I need to compare.)

Alternatively, have an option to disable the timestamps so I can just 
refresh when I need it, although the history wouldn't be preserved in 
this case.


Loïc Hoguin

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