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I'm not sure it is what you are after, but perhaps it can hit the
battleship in a few shots if we try:

Is 'erl -init_debug' what you are after in order to figure out what is the
problem in the initialization phase? You can often figure out a way to pass
that option to a release (by supplying it as part of the virtual machine

Another trick is to look around the message. Often, when do_boot() fails,
it logs what is the problem around it.

Also, I've always found the Erlang boot sequence a bit lacking in
information when debugging it, but perhaps I have just used it incorrectly.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 2:44 AM Onorio Catenacci <Catenacci@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sorry for this noob question but my google-fu is not what it once was.
> When I get a crash dump with the slogan "Init terminating in do_boot ()"
> and the boot script contains {progress} points such as would get reported
> by an  init:get_status/0 message (like here:)
>      {progress,preloaded},
> Does that get recorded in the crash dump somewhere?  I suspect I know
> where the error is occurring but if I could find those progress messages in
> the crash dump it might help me to isolate which binary is having a problem
> getting loaded.
> I mean to say there are a few {progress . . . } messages in the script and
> if I could figure out which one it's getting to before it crashes that
> would help me to rule in or rule out which binary it isn't finding or which
> one it's barfing on.
> Also, is there any way to trace the loading of the .boot file which is
> compiled from the .script or do I have to basically build a command line to
> try to see what's the matter?
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