[erlang-questions] Upcoming Erlang MOOCs update

Simon Thompson S.J.Thompson@REDACTED
Wed Feb 8 09:54:39 CET 2017

The University of Kent is running two - linked - three week MOOCs on Erlang on the FutureLearn platform. Simon Thompson is lead educator, and Joe Armstrong and Francesco Cesarini are also lecturers in the second, and contribute a final discussion to the first. The MOOCs are intended for participants who know how to program, and want to learn programming in Erlang. 

Functional Programming in Erlang runs for three weeks from Monday 20 February, and covers the basics of programming in Erlang, concentrating on the sequential and functional aspects, and giving an introduction to writing programs in Erlang in practice. It covers list programming, and looks at some of the common higher-order functions in Erlang. [It is based on the pilot MOOC that Kent ran in 2015.]



Concurrent Programming in Erlang runs for three weeks from Monday 3 April, and, building on the first MOOC introduces concurrent programming in Erlang, fault tolerance, and introduces ways of scaling things up.



Do please spread the word: we’ve got no limits on participation!


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