[erlang-questions] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Erlang 19.2 On Chocolatey NuGet

Onorio Catenacci Catenacci@REDACTED
Fri Feb 3 00:13:40 CET 2017

Hi all,

For the four of us that care, I've updated the Chocolatey NuGet (CNG)
Package for Erlang to version 19.2.  If you're unfamiliar with CNG it's
analogous to apt-get or yum except for Windows.

I also tried to update the CNG package for Rebar to 3.3.4 but it seems to
be stuck in moderation right now for some reason.  I mean there were no
issues with the review so I don't anticipate an issue but if it's delayed
for some reason I'll let everyone know a new ETA.

Onorio Catenacci

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