[erlang-questions] wXWidgets

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Fri Oct 28 13:53:45 CEST 2016


Has anybody made a library of high level abstractions to be
used on-top of wxWidgets?

The wxWidget library is very low level - and many of the manual pages
say "see external documentation" and just point into the C++ documentation.

I took a quick peep at the canvas code in the demo/ex_canvas.erl
module. Code like this is horrible and I can imagine it to be a
rather straightford mapping of the equivalent code in C++.

When programming Erlang what I absolutely don't want to do
is "pretend I'm writing in C++" then painfully translate this into Erlang.

What I'd really like is the simplicity of TCL/TK or processing
for writing GUI software - or how about rebol?

Ten minutes of playing with rebol (from www.rebol.com)
was enough to convince me that the current way GUIs are
built is a total mess.

I get the impression that GUI programming is actually going
backwards - in the 80's there were systems build on languages
like TCL that did not need GByte downloads and complex IDEs.

Nowadays  a Graphics Library can easily be a GByte of code -
so what went wrong - in the 1980's and entire OS with graphics
was a few tens of MBytes ....



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