[erlang-questions] type specification of functions with same signature

Karlo Kuna kuna.prime@REDACTED
Sun Oct 23 09:58:47 CEST 2016

sure macro would work fine:

-define(MY_F_T,  (list(),atom())-> boolean()).
-define(MY_F_T(Name), -spec Name?MY_F_T).


-spec hfoo(F) -> ok when F :: fun(?MY_F_T).

also this could be made more general by adding:

-define(FUN_SPEC(Name, Spec), -spec Name Spec).


but this is starting to be ugly and unreadable
in general i strongly dislike macros in any language but ...

it would bi nice if this could be done through spec like:

-spec foo :: my_f().

this is clean

but thanks for help i will try to see how solutions with macros works in my
code base until some other solution comes by.

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 1:01 AM, Kenneth Lakin <kennethlakin@REDACTED>

> On 10/22/2016 03:43 PM, Karlo Kuna wrote:
> > sure dialyzer will report error but callback functions are just one
> > motivation, for me the first example is far more important
> > as it reduces spec duplication which is annoying and not very expressive
> > IMHO.
> Oh, drat. Right. You want to be able to vary the names of the function.
> You probably already thought about this, but how about a macro?
> -define(MY_F_SPEC(Fun), -spec Fun(list(),atom())->boolean()).
> ?MY_F_SPEC(foo).
> foo(L, A) -> true.
> ?MY_F_SPEC(bar).
> bar(L, A) -> false.
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