[erlang-questions] System limit for erlang process and Pid

Sun Oct 16 14:56:39 CEST 2016

     Am a newbie in erlang programming world and I seriously need some 
assistance. I am running an application in which am using 
*timer:apply_interval(1000, ?MODULE, monitor_loop , [])*, as per my 
analysis found that this function call creates new processes at every 
1000 millisecond interval. Since my *monitor loop* function only takes 
around 800 ms to complete its duty and then it dies,  the number of 
processes are not getting increased. But as per my observation every 
time am getting a new PID and the PID number is always increasing and I 
came to know that the pid is limited by, 1 word for a process identifier 
from the current local node + 5 words for a process identifier from 
another node.

     So what will happen if my application continuous to run for months 
without stopping, will it crash the entire erlang vm. How the garbage 
collection will be happening for the dead process since for every 
process some amount of heap memory is getting allocated. Can somebody 
kindly give me some guidance.

Thanks in advance,
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