[erlang-questions] Can we use same mnesia schema on different nodes

Thu Oct 13 12:55:15 CEST 2016

     I have a hardware device, will call it SCC ( System Control Card ) 
on which an erlang application is running which uses mnesia as the 
database. The hardware device is a distributed and portable one and its 
IP address is dynamically generated based on some physical conditions. 
ie, My system set up contains 10 Racks and each Rack has SCC connected 
to it, and based on the Rack on which SCC is connected application will 
dynamically generate the IP address ie; the IP address of SCC connected 
on Rack -1 will be and the erlang node name will be 
SCC@REDACTED and the IP address of SCC connected on Rack -2 will be the erlang node name will be SCC@REDACTED .

The problem domain is :

     In some situations i will be replacing SCC of Rack-1 to Rack-2 and 
as soon as i replace , IP address of SCC will change to and so 
the erlang node. In this situation I am unable to access the data stored 
in mnesia when the SCC was present in Rack-1 and this is because the on 
Rack-2 application will create a new schema based on the new erlang node 
name. But the prime objective of my system is data persistence, even 
though I replace the device on any Rack, I should be able to access the 
previously stored data. Can anybody kindly suggest me how to solve this 

- All the tables and schema created are disc copy .

Thanks in advance,
Arun P

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