[erlang-questions] Newbie question: function include/1 undefined

Donald Steven t6sn7gt@REDACTED
Mon Oct 3 13:01:48 CEST 2016

Thanks Fred, I'll see if this works for me here.

On 10/03/2016 06:43 AM, Fred Hebert wrote:
> On 10/02, Donald Steven wrote:
>> Thanks Richard.  I had (alas) come to that conclusion.
>> In c (or m4 or the like), I can include blocks of text or code quite 
>> freely.  In this case, primarily as a matter of aesthetics, I wanted 
>> to off load some repetitive initializations to a file which could be 
>> included at the appropriate point, with a neat % comment on the side 
>> to keep my head straight.  It's a big, ugly block in an otherwise 
>> elegant set of funs.  I guess I'm stuck with it, as I'm reluctant to 
>> make things too complicated by running the whole thing through m4 
>> first before the erlang pre-processor.  I do wish it could be done 
>> though. (Dare I suggest a modest proposal?)
> Another approach, although a bit more painful to make work and 
> correlate with all scope would be to use macros:
> -define(CODE_SNIPPET, begin <whatever> end).
> YOu can then -include("myheader.hrl"). and just call ?CODE_SNIPPET 
> inline.
> Richard O'Keefe's solutions would be cleaner in the long run (and I 
> definitely recommend running with that option), but this could be an 
> immediate workaround for what you had in mind.

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