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If it takes less than "milliseconds", it's broken.

Standard recommendations are 50ms.

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How heavy duty is this bcrypt?
Does it take milliseconds to hash one little password?


On 05/30/2016 04:38 PM, Richard Jonas wrote:

Hey guys,

we are implementing user registration and password checking functionality
and using bcrypt for password hashing. During registration and also during
login we need to compute the hashes of the passwords. The problem is that
bcrypt is serializing requests even when I choose nif or port mechanism.


With nif a message queue is instantly built when multiple users log in
(compute hashes for match password). With a pool size+port implementation,
the message queue building has just deferred a bit.

Is there any alternative to creating bcrypt-like hashes? For me it seems
that this library cannot be scaled well. Or have I missed something?

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