[erlang-questions] Memory usage increase in OTP-18.2.1

Park, Sungjin jinni.park@REDACTED
Fri May 20 05:18:42 CEST 2016

I found that the memory usage's increased by about 20% when I upgraded
erlang version from otp-r15b03 to otp-18.2.1.  The green line's otp-18.2.1
and the blue line's otp-r15b03 in the attached graph.  The vertical axis is
residential memory used by beam in percentage. The green line starts a bit
higher than the blue.  This is ok but the gap increases as time goes by.

erlang:memory/0 reveals memory usage details.

== otp-r15b03 ==
1> erlang:memory().

== otp-18.2.1 ==
1> erlang:memory().

otp-18.2.1 uses about twice as much in processes and 6 times as much in

The system acts as a reverse proxy that receives http requests and forwards
them to multiple backends.  Nothing very special.

Well, it's still affordable but I want to know that this is the normal
price to pay to keep track of the otp pace.  Or can there possibly be
anything wrong in my code that I have to investigate further?

Park, Sungjin
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