[erlang-questions] Erlang and asm.js

Grzegorz Junka list1@REDACTED
Thu May 19 18:12:04 CEST 2016

Has anyone tried to port Erlang to asm.js so that it could run in the 
browser? I tried to search but it looks like only compiling Erlang code 
was attempted: http://luvv.ie/

They claim that any language that compiles with LLVM could be compiled 
to asm.js. Considering that HIPE compiles Erlang to a native code, 
theoretically both, BEAM and Erlang code could be compiled with LLVM to 
asm.js, and that would mean the ability to run any Erlang application 
together with BEAM/NIF-dependent libraries in the browser. Unless there 
are some specific assembler-based optimizations that couldn't be 
expressed in C easily?


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