[erlang-questions] Updating a nested record

Kenneth Lakin kennethlakin@REDACTED
Sun May 15 23:21:35 CEST 2016

On 05/15/2016 10:52 AM, Donald Steven wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> When I update the  'note' record below it updates correctly but the
> value returned is only the sub-record 'pressure', not the whole 'note'
> record.  I'd be most grateful for the right syntax.  Thanks.

I think the syntax is:

setNpressure(N, Initial, Final, Offset, Scope) ->
  N1 = N#note{p1 = #pressure{initial = Initial, final = Final, offset =
Offset, scope = Scope}}.

Otherwise, you're just returning the .p1 field.

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