[erlang-questions] Third party libs you always use

Ryan Stewart zzantozz@REDACTED
Sat May 14 19:29:33 CEST 2016

I've got about 2 years of Erlang work under my belt, and I come from a
strong JVM background before that. On the JVM, there are a certain set of
third-party libraries that I would almost always include when starting a
new project, just because they add so many helpful things that aren't in
the core language. Then, depending on the nature of the project, others
might get added for HTTP stuff, messaging, or other concerns that need to
be dealt with. I'm still learning a lot about the Erlang ecosystem and what
sort of library support is out there, so my question to the Erlang experts
out there is this:

Q: Are there third-party libraries that you almost automatically include
when you start or become involved with an Erlang project?

Or to put it another way:

Q: What are your go-to libraries for solving common problems in an Erlang
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