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CloudI (http://cloudi.org) provides a service abstraction for Erlang and other programming languages. The services don't need to be web services, but can be by using services with cowboy and/or elli that is provided (as cloudi_service_http_cowboy and cloudi_service_http_elli, or adding a different service for a HTTP server).  For Erlang-only usage the https://github.com/CloudI/cloudi_core repo is provided and https://github.com/CloudI/CloudI/tree/develop/examples/hello_world5#hello-world-5-example provides information about embedding cloudi_core usage in an Erlang application.

Some examples that use non-Erlang programming languages are:

On 05/07/2016 05:19 PM, Rodrigo Dominguez wrote:
> I'm looking into building Web Services in Erlang as a backend for web applications.
> I'm wondering if there are nice open source projects I can look at, any open source app with cowboy or webmachine would be nice.
> I tried to look on code search engines for projects using cowboy or webmachine but I couldn't fine end user applications, I meant, most of the projects I found were tools or modules to build applications, but not complete applications that coudl be deployed and used by end users.
> To give you an example of applications I've been building:
> * A backend for game applications where a client can register, login, search for other users, get into a team, record metrics of games, reportings of it.
> * A backend for an auction system where users can register, publish an auction, list for auctions, bid, etc.
> * A backend for a CMS, where users can create and collaborate in a document at the same time.
> Thank you
> Rod
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